Study Tour – Bioenergy and Solar PV in Germany

Vietnam’s solar and bioenergy potential is high, yet untapped. The country’s large agricultural sector offers abundant renewable feedstock for energy production to meet the fast-growing domestic energy demand. Furthermore, with solar irradiation levels comparable to many developed solar markets within the region and worldwide, Vietnam is well placed to become a major market for solar photovoltaic (PV) applications within a decade.

However, the lack of a beneficial regulatory frameworks and unattractive market conditions has hampered the development of both sectors in the past. The government of Vietnam has acknowledged this and is progressively integrating biomass and solar PV into its overall green growth and energy strategies. To meet these development targets for bioenergy and solar PV will not only require an adequate regulatory framework including attractive feed-in tariffs (FIT) and other incentive mechanisms, national and provincial biomass and PV energy planning, but also capacity building among policy makers at the central and provincial level.

Since biomass and solar PV projects are decentralized and particularly developed in provinces with high potential in these resources, local authorities play a very crucial role in supporting and facilitating investments in these sectors. With this in mind, GIZ Energy Programme Vietnam put together a delegation for a study trip to Germany including representatives from different central government ministries as well as provincial government representatives from the four provinces which have the most potential for biomass and PV projects.

RB Renewable Energy Consulting developed the week-long visiting programme in Germany, took care of communication and scheduling with the respective institutions and experts and accompanied the delegation on its tour through Renewable Germany. Support included the development of a detailed tour booklet as well as a tour report after the journey.