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About me

With 15 years of work experience in the environmental and renewable energy policy sector, I established RB Renewable Energy Consulting. My aim is to transfer experience and expertise from developed renewable energy markets to the emerging markets of Asia and other world regions. To offer the best possible support and advisory work, I build on my extensive work and project experience in the thematic field, which includes seven years in the German renewable energy industry, five years working for different legislative bodies in Germany and the EU, as well as my time in corporate public affairs and communication work.

My consulting and advisory services mainly focus on policy design and policy implementation, capacity development, and addressing public institutions, international organisations and NGOs. Furthermore, I assist companies eager to tap the vast potentials of the emerging renewable energy world with market research, support with business development and market entry strategies. With offices in Berlin and Hanoi, I strive to bridge those two worlds in promoting clean and sustainable energy use and by supporting public and private stakeholders in both spheres.



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Policy Development

Effective and cost-efficient renewable energy development requires a reliable and properly designed legal framework, as well as supporting technical standards and administrative procedures. RB Renewable Energy Consulting supports governments, bi- and multilateral development institutions and NGOs in formulating effective strategies as well as choosing the right policy instruments for on-grid and off-grid renewable energy development. This includes initial stakeholder analysis and impact assessments.

Policy Implementation

Renewable energy development is often held back more by ineffective policy implementation than by regulatory challenges. The causes of this can range from a lack of awareness and sense of ownership among the relevant stakeholders to hidden conflicts of interest. RB Renewable Energy Consulting helps to define suitable implementation strategies and methodologies, as well as to choose effective and efficient evaluation instruments.

Capacity Building and Trainings

Decision-makers at the national and local level and even implementing entities in emerging renewable energy markets often lack experience in and knowledge about the technologies they are supposed to implement. RB Renewable Energy Consulting supports governments and development institutions in identifying capacity needs, formulating capacity-building strategies and implementing capacity-building measures and trainings. To cover all required fields of expertise – from the technical and political to the market-related – we partner with other experts and consultancy firms where needed.

Communication Strategies

Renewable energy is often considered as a disruptive technology, one that creates new markets, values and networks replacing established market players and has a potentially significant societal impact. Such transition processes such as Germany’s Energiewende or “energy transition”, require well-designed communication and awareness-raising strategies to secure the acceptance of key stakeholders and societal groups. RB renewable energy supports the development and implementation of communication strategies and measures, including stakeholder management and press relations.

Market and Stakeholder Analysis

Market entry is a challenge in particular for small and medium-size companies that are not able to set up offices and do on-site market survey as well as network development. However, knowing the market environment and local stakeholders is key to successful market entry. RB Renewable Energy Consulting supports companies in market research, network development and finding local business partners in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and offers access to various local and international networks, institutions and partnering consultancies.

Business Development

Setting up business models for renewable energies requires a profound knowledge of the legal-administrative framework as well as of the competitive environment and potential business partners. RB Renewable Energy Consulting combines both the expertise regarding political framework conditions as well as the stakeholder environment to support private-sector clients in setting up suitable business models for emerging developing markets.


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The MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme was established in 2014 and has since strengthened the energy sector development cooperation between Germany and Vietnam. With a strong focus on renewable energies, the Programme supports the Government of Vietnam in the low-carbon diversification of its power sector. Mr Brohm has successfully supported the MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme as a consultant since late 2014. He used his excellent and extensive knowledge on solar energy to assist our Programme in the identification of the most potential solar energy market segments in Vietnam, in the development of pre-feasibility studies for medium-to-large scale solar rooftop PV systems for select private sector companies, and in the strengthening of B-2-B cooperation between Germany and Vietnam. He has a substantial network in both Germany and Vietnam, which he successfully uses for exchanges between political decision-makers, research institutions and the private sector of both countries. He has continuously provided high-quality advise as well as innovative inputs to our Programme.

Ingmar Stelter, Programme Director, MOIT/GIZ Energy Support Programme Vietnam

Aschoff Solar provides industrial large scale photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for rooftop applications in combination with German engineering. Vietnam is still a young solar market. However, Aschoff Solar has already succeeded in realizing its first successful projects. Rainer Brohm has supported us with his market knowledge in taping further market potentials and supported us by making valuable contacts to potential customers and international donor organizations.

Carsten Aschoff, Aschoff Solar GmbH

I had the pleasure to work with Rainer between 2011 and 2014. During this time, the German Solar Association became truly international and Rainer was the strategic mind behind it. He has a great sense for the right moment when emerging solar markets are getting a real opportunity for business. He has the right messages, contacts and facts for interconnecting companies. And he has the right feeling for tearing down cultural borders that might impede international cooperation in the solar sector. Rainer is a pathfinder for solar!

Jörg Mayer, Managing Director, German Solar Association (BSW-Solar)


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